The guide for your holidays in Guadeloupe versione italiana english version


Plage du Gosier – Gosier Ilet Gosier – Gosier Pointe Canot – Saint Felix Pointe des Salines – St Felix
A public beach. White sands & turquoise waters in front of the island of Gosier. No shade. Numerous restaurants, snacks & shops. Parking. You can reach the island 5 min by boat from the centre of Gosier. 6 Euro return. There is a snack/restaurant on the island. A clear sanded beach, heavily frequented on Sundays, with a lot of vegetation and shade. Nice for sunset walks. Numerous bars & snacks at the entrance of the path towards the beach. A long breezy clear sanded beach, with plenty of shade. It is a popular kitesurf spot and very busy on Sundays. The road in is a little tricky as it is on a bend, entry best from the opposite side of arrival to Sainte Anne. You can also get to it on foot from Pointe Canot.
Petit Havre – Saint Felix

La Caravelle – Ste Anne

Plage communale – Ste Anne
A fisherman’s beach. You can get to it after the rocks on the right, it is a small bay with a few snacks, but little shade. A beautiful white sanded beach with plenty of palm trees and crystal clear waters. Coming from Gosier, before the town centre of Saint Anne, take the turning after the Club Med turn off. Park and proceed on foot. It is hard to find a parking spot during the weekend. Several restaurants & snacks in the area. A beautiful white sanded beach protected by a coral reef. Plenty of palm trees and crystal clear waters. Plenty of things to do and ideal for children. In the centre of town and well lit at night. Plenty of restaurants, snacks, bars, sports activities, art & crafts market and market.
Bois Jolan – Ste Anne Raisins Clairs – St François  

A long deserted white sanded beach, encompassed by coconut palms and protected by the barrier reef. There is a restaurant in the parking area.

Beautiful clear sanded beach with a clear water creek, encompassed in vegetation, but unfortunately with very little shade. Well frequented , numerous snacks & restaurants in the area.  
Petite e Grande Anse Canouan – St François Plage des Salines –St François

Anse Tarare – St François

Anse la Gourde – St François

On the road after the Pointe des Chateaux on the right. Numerous creeks protected by the rocks. Plenty of shade and breezy. The sea can be a little wavy, be ware of the currents. On the road after the Pointe des Chateaux on the left hand side. A large white sanded beach with little shade. Plenty of wind with the sea & its beds dangerous to bath. Be very careful of its currents. Several restaurants & snacks in the area. On the road from Pointe des Chateaux on the left. A naturist beach with a calm & charming creek. You can get to it following directions from Chez Man Michel. Park your car at the restaurant and follow the foot path which runs next to the restaurant on the left. Follow it down to the sea front. On the road from Pointe des Chateaux on the left following directions for the restaurant Chez Honoré. A ample deserted white sanded beach, protected by a coral reef. Can be very windy.


Anse à L'Eau – Le Moule Plage d'Autre Bord – Le Moule  
AA beautiful white sanded bay protected by a coral reef, very beautiful. The road getting there is also very interesting, leading through the surrounding country side. Very little shade though and to avoid on Sundays. It is not easy to get to but worth it. Coming from Le Moule, pass by the Creole house on the left, straight after the football pitch take the narrow road on the left. Follow on, passing by the windmill and the fork keep to the right and then take the road straight after on your left, then follow on, simple no? A beautiful clear sanded beach, bordered by palm trees, sea grapes and almond trees. A beautiful natural swimming pool. Heavily frequented in the week end by local families. Plenty of parking and some snacks in the area.  
Lagoon de la Porte d'Enfer – Anse Bertrand Anse Laborde – Anse Bertrand
25km from La Moule a very particular place which is not your typical Caribbean beach, but with a good atmosphere for bathing in a stretch of water which is between the exit of the gorge and the rocks. There is a field and plenty of shade for picnicking near the seas edge. Plenty of nice restaurants along the coast. A good stating point for several outings along the coast. From Anse Bertrand follow the road north towards Point Vigie for 1.5km. Beautiful white sanded beach in a rocky bay. Unfortunately there is little shade. To avoid on Sundays. There is a restaurant in the parking area and a lolo on the beach itself.
La Chapelle - Anse Bertrand Anse du Souffleur and Anse Lavolvaine – Port-Louis
A beautiful but heavily frequented beach due to its easy to get to nature. Bordered by palm trees, clear sanded and there is a body surf spot on the right hand side of the beach. Coming out of the centre of Anse Bertrand towards Port Louis take the first right straight after the corner shop. Numerous snacks & lolos on the beach. A beautiful clear sanded beach with crystal clear waters. Heavily frequented on Sundays. Passing through the centre of Port Louis heading north you can get to this beach direct. There is ample parking, (paying,) follow on past the cemetery, (Also very interesting with its conch shell decorated tombs,) you can get to the most beautiful part of the beach. Anse Lavolvaine, with its small bathing pools and vegetation which leads right up to the waters edge. Some carbets, tables & benches. Behind the beach there is a nice walk in the mangroves, with small footpaths and bridges. Some snacks in the parking area.
Plage de la Ramée – Ste Rose Plage de Clugny – Ste Rose Grande Anse – Deshaies
Just a few km from Sainte Rose, northbound, a rose coloured beach, mainly frequented by locals in the weekend. Little shade, some picnic tables and some snacks along the beach. A large beach with rose coloured sand 1km in length, turquoise seas. Visit the island of Kahouanne. The currents are very dangerous, little shade. Pass by Pointe Allegre from Vieux Fort, to go in two. A lengthy and beautiful beach 1.5km long with gold coloured sands which washes up its turquoise seas. The sea gets deep straight away. One of the most beautiful beaches on Basse Terre, surrounded by forests and bordered by coco palms and sea-grapes. Lots of shade, snacks and restaurants. Plenty of parking. Heavily visited on Sundays. Be careful of the currents.
Anse de la Perle – Deshaies Plage de Leroux – Deshaies Petite Anse – Deshaies Malendure – Bouillante
Reachable from Deshaies, straight after the Riflet. Super beach with golden sands, protected by the coral reef, looking out to the island of Montserrat.. Shady, but be careful of the Machaneel trees. Be careful of the currents, they can be dangerous. There are some snacks in the area. At Ferry, a beautiful small bay, not heavily visited with clear sands and ideal for snorkelling. Parking along the road. Small lolos reachable by the beach, it is advisable to order before bathing and get back in time to eat ! (But excellent Creole food that we tried.)


A little bay protected by two rocky outcrops, calm waters and a good snorkelling spot. Clear sands, some palm trees, but not a lot of shade. There is a restaurant/bar on the beach. Diving centre, the entrance is between Ferry and Baille Argent, towards Pointe Noir, watch out for the sign post on the right. Volcanic sanded beach, calm waters, with a beautiful panorama out to the island of Pidgeon. Several dive centres, a tourist office, restaurants and snacks in the parking area.